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Corn Shelling and Flour Milling Machine

Product properties
  • Summary:

    Type: YTZSF28-30

    Power: 11kw

Brief Introduction

1. Corn, wheat, rice and sorghum shelling and flour milling.
2. Corn shelling and flour milling machine is suitable for small mill to hull and grind corn, wheat and sorghum.

Function and Feature

Corn Shelling and Flour Milling Machine is used in all dry process. Compared with wet milling, it is more sanitary.
The winnower efficiently removes and collects husks and dust which are discharged by cyclone.
Pressure valve in hulling chamber accurately controls time corn stays there, making sure effectively friction with alloy roller.
The machine is equipped with a 11 kw motor, decreasing costs.

Working Principle

YTZSF28-30 corn shelling and flour milling machine is integrated with hulling and grinding. It is installed with 11kw, 380v motor with capacity of 500kg/h.
The machine is combined with hulling, grinding, grading and selecting functions. Clean raw materials are charged in the hopper to be hulled and the germ and black spots are removed. 
The machine peels, grinds and grades the materials into medium, small grits and corn flour in one process. It is installed with efficient air suction chamber to collect husks and cleans out micro powder and impurities.

Technical Parameter




Peeling Speed 

Milling Spees 

Grading Speed 

Rated Voltage

Mating Power














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