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How Does the Deep Corn Processing Machine Process Corn into Feed

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With the deep corn processing machine develops, the corn processing usage is not only confined to food, but also used for feed and chemicals. We know that by deep corn processing, we can process corns into feed and sell them to the breeding industry. Then how does the deep corn processing machine process corn into feed?

First, preliminary equipment. This is a physical method to reduce mycotoxin and impurities content in corn and this method can reduce the damagement to the feed machine.

Second, weighting machine.  Weighting can ensure the feed nutrients ingredients content reaches the receipe requirements.

Third, high efficient crushing machine. The fineness of pulverization of the feed machinery will affect  the feed intake and the feed digestant. Too coarse granule will reduce the feed utilization rate. And too fine granule will reduce the feed production rate. So we should consider about this in the operation of the DEEP CORN PROCESSING MACHINE.

Fourth, feeding sequence. The correct  sequence should be:  cereals feed, bran, protide feed, pre-mix material, feeding another half grain feed.

It's very important to learn about the deep corn processing machine.  The more you learn about, the more useful it willbe to your production efficiency.
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