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Corn grinding machine price factors

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sdshidefu11757045.jpgIf you plan to have an corn grinding machine plant, you must know much of information about corn grinding. Maybe you have a problem about the relation between price and capacity. Now I will explain this question for you. Why the capacity of corn grinding machine is similar, but the price is very different? The capacity is equal, but there are a very big difference in price, why?

The first reason, the material quality is different, and that will cause the price difference, that’s true. So, if the price is similar, but the capacity is different, may be the material quality of large capacity corn grinding machine is not very good. 
There are automatic corn grinding machine and traditional stone corn grinding machine in the market. Compared with a traditional stone corn grinding machine, the feature of automatic corn grinding machine is high degree of mechanization and automation, labor-saving, high working efficiency, and also the price is higher than traditional corn grinding machine.

Maybe there is other reason in order to cater to the psychology of users. Some manufacturers and dealers make a false report about capacity and performance. The truth is that the capacity of corn grinding machines is much smaller if you reqeust the final corn power is much fine, like 100 mesh or 200 mesh. As for the stone corn grinding machine, it can't produce the fine corn power. 

The third reason is that the different configuration for the same corn grinding machine. The configuration is much higher, the features of corn grinding machine is much excellent. Just like the cars, we have the Audi, Ford and Royce Motor car etc. Because the confirguration is different, the price have a big difference. For the corn grinding machine, it is also same. 

The fourth reason is that the technology for the corn grinding machine. For the patent product, we always trust the first hand source manufacturer. In the marketing, there so many fake and inferior corn grinding machine. The appearance is similar but the function of corn grinding machine is really have a big difference. So please be careful the temptation of low price. 

The detail information about how to choose and purchase corn grinding machine, please click here.

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