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How to Control The Power Consumption of Corn Further Processing Machine Effectively

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The rapid improvement of people’s living standards promotes the development of corn processing industry and the popularity of corn products propels the progress of corn further processing machine. However, producers’ expense is enlarged by the power loss caused in the process of corn processing machine using. Therefore, power loss should be controlled within a certain scope to reduce the cost in the application of corn processing machine.
First, know the power using of corn processing machine. A workshop should be separated into a number of sub-process and the electric these sub-process need can be determined by the way of integer power measurement accurately.
Then, power measurement is also a method when the power consumption is highly. Reduce the time of shutdown time, carry out the maintain plan of the machine strictly, decrease the cost of machine repair, increase the produce efficiency in the application of corn further processing machine.
Finally, in the application period of corn further processing machine, the measure of “peak stagger produce” can be taken by dividing the power using into different period to avoid the peak season of the power.
Through the above three methods, the power consumption of corn further processing machine can be controlled effectively and increase the firms’ profit. Furthermore, hardware wore also should be noticed and maintain the hardware well, reduce wear rates, decrease repair cost in the application of machine.

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