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FTPZ-836 Hot sale Corn Peeling and Milling Unit Pricee

Product properties
  • Summary:

    FTPZ-836 Corn Peeling and Milling Unit 

    1. National Patent Product
    2. Capacity: 500-800kg/h                                                                                                         
    3. Application: This corn peeling and milling machine is suitable for maize processing company and workshop. The machine is multifuctional, compact in structure and highly effcient. 



Brief Introduction

The corn peeling and milling machine is newly developed based on the market demands which intergrated with hulling, pelling, polishing, degerminating and milling functions. The corn peeling and milling machine can produce maize kernel and flour at the same time.




Function and Feature

  1. New Design, beautiful appearance
  2. Compact structure, easily assembled and disassembled
  3. Weel sealed without flying dusts
  4. All material with high quality


Working Principle

                    Working Principle of  FTPZ-836 Corn Peeling and Milling Unit

1.It is mainly composed of hulling, jet, flour milling ,dedusting, driving and machine rack.

2.The clean maize is put in the hulling chamber where they rub against the high speed iron roll, sieve plate and between themselves to damage the bonding strength with endosperm, germ and the bran so as to remove the skin.

The hulled maize goes into the grinding chamber where the high speed tooth plate strikes so that the maize rubs with the sieve plate under centrifugal force. Particles and flour smaller than the sieve openings are discharged out while the bigger continue being ground till they can go through the sieve holes. Finally, the materials discharged are collected to be packaged.f14c5e70-4ed3-4340-81d6-b3beae69efed.JPG      ef137d42-9c59-49e6-827b-eb87109033a1.JPG

Technical Parameter

                                                     FTPZ-836 Corn Peeling and Milling Unit








Rated voltageV






Rotary hulling speedr/min



Grinding speedr/min








After-sale Service

Quality Warranty and After-sale Service of Corn Peeling and Milling Unit

A The problem that resulting from product’s quality, and in the condition that customers obey ’repair and maintenance ’, will be totally solved by company.

B The problems, due to wrong maintenance, will be solved by company, but the company will charge customers a certain fee.

C The production, repaired or changed, but still can’t work, must be only given out technical appraisal paper, the company can change another or return money.

D the Company will not provide service if the customers can’t offer the inspection certification, instruction, invoice when buying and product model.

E The damage produced in the maintenance or changing period, should be paid by customers.

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