DNM-3B Corn Grits and Flour Milling Machine

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DNM-3B Multifunctional & Highly Efficient Flour
National Patent No: Multifunctional H-efficient flour machine ZL 2010 2 0689469.8                                 
Capacity: Corn Peeling--300KG/H; Corn grits milling--1000KG/H; Corn flour milling--350KG/H; Wheat hulling--400KG/H                                                                                                                                                 
Application: 1, Corn peeling and milling, wheat peeling and milling, rice milling, sorghum peeling and milling 2, DNM-3B multifunctional & highly efficient flour is used for corn, wheat and sorghum peeling and milling in small grain processing factory. 
DNM-3B flour machine integrated with the function of peeling and milling with a 7.5 kw motor, reducing investment cost. With the lower consumption, it has a big capacity. Thus it will help you save cost and bring more profits.




01_meitu_5.jpgDNM-3B Multifunctional & H-Efficient Flour

It is used for corn, wheat and sorghum peeling and milling in small grain processing factory.  Function: corn peeling and milling, wheat peeling and milling, sorghum peeling and milling. It has the following advantages: 1, Adjustable granularity; 2, Internal installation of efficient winnowing and deducting blower; 3, High yield, excellent effect; 4, Low power, high capacity and lower consumption and little labors.



Feature of DNM-3B Multifunctional & Highly Efficient flour machine

1, Adjustable granularity: By adjusting hand wheel and distance between tooth plates, it can change the size of particle easily. 2, Internal installation of efficient winnowing and dedusting blower: Through air tunnel of the blower, the micro husks and impurities are collected. It avoids the waste and protects the environment. 3, High yield, excellent effect: By adjusting pressure value, it can control the time of corn and wheat staying in the peeling chamber so as to get better peeling effect. 



DNM-3B multifunctional & highly efficient flour machine is a small assembled unit combining peeling, polishing, milling, sifting and winnowing.  

Working Principle: Clean raw materials are charged in the inlet for peeling, determination and impurities removing. Then the corn kernel are ground and we can get three finished products: big and small grits, flour. The flour machine is installed with an air suction chamber to collect husks from the peeling process.


DNM-3B Multifunctional & Highly Efficient Flour Machine

Type Capacity(KG/H) Power(KW) Reted voltage(V) Spindle speed(r/min) Weight(KG) Dimension(mm)
DNM-3B corn peelling corn grits milling corn flour milling wheat peeling 7.5 380 860 300 2200×500×1200
300 1000 350 400


1.We provide all the technical materials and drawings as the contract; compile and supplement operation manual according to the final commissioning results.

2.We offers on-site training service according to progress of the project, installing, trying operation and production of the whole line as it is required on the technical materials and drawings.

3.We gives training of installation, commissioning, use and maintenance. 

4.During warranty period, our company will provide an answer or staff within 4 hours once receiving feedbacks about quality of the products.    

5.Beyond warranty period, we will provide paid service for improvement of technology, maintenance of the machine or offer of the spare parts.



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