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The maize milling plant adopts scientific and reasonable flour milling machine design with new dry milling method, ensuring the quality reaches national standard.  It is composed of cleaning section, peeling & degerming section, and grits/flour making section.  We can get high quality food materials such as low fat corn grits (size adjustable), corn flour, even high precision corn oil (oil press equipment not included in this complete set) from this plant. The corn flour milling plant has advantages of advanced technic, fine and specialized quality, scientific arrangement, low power and high extracting. The corn flour milling plant is widely used in food, sugar, beer plants. The core equipments gain national patent.

Finished product is corn flour and feeds.

The corn flour milling plant is composed of cleaning section, peeling & degerming section, and grits/flour making section.


Scientific and reasonable structure and design;

High quality, durable and stably operated without leakage of particles and deformation of sieve.

The highly efficient vibrating sieve, stoner machine and micro flour machine are of stable quality and easily operated.

It realizes continuous production to make all the controlled machines manually start and stop in an order; optimize the production to increase efficiency and reduce costs at maximum.


1. In-charge of Raw Materials, Storage and Cleaning Process

The wheat or corn is preliminarily filtered by fence of the pit and elevated to highly efficient vibrating screen equipped with magnetic separator; Then they are conveyed to storage bin after being removed out the iron, big and small impurities. Then the materials are conveyed to vibrating screen and stoner machine in the cleaning process to be further removed out stones, dust and sand during harvest, storage and transportation. The technology includes twice processes of magnetic separating, three cleaning and once destoning. Wind force helps to completely clean the materials as well as reduce power.

2. Conditioning, Hulling Process

Pure materials have two ways.  When it needs conditioning, the materials are conveyed by elevator and spiral conveyor to atomizer and conditioning bin; When it reaches requirement for moisture content, the materials are conveyed to hulling process.  If the materials can be hulled directly, they can be elevated to another spiral conveyor and conveyed to elevator in hulling process; The hulled materials are conveyed to vertical huller installed with magnetic separator to be hulled and cleaned out dust and microorganism; then they are elevated to vertical iron roll huller and brush machine. Th process includes two vertical emery roll hullers and magnetic separators, one vertical iron roll huller and brush machines. In actual production, it can completely hull the wheat and corn and convey the materials to flour milling process.

3. Flour Milling and Packaging Process

The pure wheat or corn kernel is elevated to micro flour machine and chared to double case flat sieve by cyclone; then the flour is conveyed to packer installed with magnetic separator by spiral conveyor. Package specification is adjustable under 10kg.

A small quantity of feeds produced in flour milling process are conveyed to manual collection box and then to feed processing line.

4. Pneumatic Conveying and Ventilation.

In the whole process, fine flour and micro husks are conveyed by sealed pneumatic conveying system under negative pressure. The high voltage blower uses new TY series, the medium and low voltage blower uses 4-72 series. The dedusting and high pressure aspiration systems are equipped with new pulse dedusters.

1. Products: grade corn flour, corn husks;
2. Yields: grade corn flour 75%-80%, husks 20%-25%;
3. Product index:
A. Corn flour fineness: 40-200 mesh (adjustable);
B. Sand content: <0.02%;
C. Magnetic metal content: <0.003/kg;
D. Moisture content: 13.5-14.5%;
E. Fat content: 0.5-1%;
F. Appearance and taste: golden color, fine flour, high quality, good taste.

Type              Power(KW)  Power Consumption(KW/H) Capacity (t/24h) Dimension of  Workshop    (L×W×H) (m)
20t                     72                    58-60                                                 20                              20×5×5(line structure)      16×5×6(steel structure)
30t                    108                  58-60                                                  30                               24×5×6(steel structure)    30×5×5(line structure)
50t                    172                  56-58                                                  50                               35×5×7(steel structure)
100t                  346                  56-58                                                 100                             40×7×8(steel structure)

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