Suction Type Gravity Corn Germ Extractor

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Type: TQSF

Capacity: 3-4/6-9/8-11ton/h

1. Gravity germ extractor is used in dry and semi dry processing line to separate corn germ and micro husks, increasing quality of finished products and value of byproducts.
2. Gravity germ extractor is the core equipment for alcohol, starch, sugar and feed industries.
YMTPX suction type corn germ extractor increases comprehensive corn value.
Good quality aluminium alloy vibrating body, light, stable and long working life.

The gravity corn germ extractor separates germ by air flow penetrating upward between materials due to different suspending speed of germ and corn kernel. Corn particles move to discharge end while the suspending germ goes to its outlet as the sieve plate moves to and fro in a fixed tilt direction.

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