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TQNF-15 Maize Grits and Flour Milling Machine

Product properties
  • Summary:

    Win Tone TQNF-15 multifunctional maize grits and flour milling machine adopts multi-module and split type of streamlined design. The machining process is controlled by complete automation and can realize continuous operation in 24 hours. It is suitable for various kinds of grains processing, such as corn processing, soybean processing, mung bean processing, wheat processing, millet processing and sorghum processing.

Brief Introduction

The maize grits and flour milling machine is easily operated and maintained. It contains cleaning and stone removing section, peeling and polishing section, grits and flour milling section, end products classifying section and winnowing section. It has the features of good sealing, no dust flying out, sanitation, easy operation and maintenance, high automation degree, attractive appearance, small floor area and so on. It is the new type of whole set of equipment which is suitable for farms and grain processing plants.

Function and Feature

1.. It adopts dry method peeling, and doesn’t need water in processing. Compared with wet method, it is more sanitary.
2. Streamlined modular design adopts grain cleaning, two sections of peeling, one section of polishing. The whole process is completely automated.
3. The processing equipments in the whole set all have won the national patents and are popular in the USA, Italy and Russia.
4. It adopts modular design and can process different grains according to requirements.
5. It has small power, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance.
6. For the same processing capacity, it can save cost 50% at least compared with the domestic competitors and 80% at least compared with the international competitors.
7. It has complete automation working process. The whole processing set just needs one worker for electronic control and one worker for packaging. This can save lots of labor charge.
8. The main parts adopt patented alloy material, which can ensure the production efficiency and long-term stable performance.

Working Principle

The unprocessed grains are put into the feeding hopper of the single mechanical elevator and is conveyed to TQS-50 cleaning and stone removing combination machine by TTG19/8D single mechanical elevator. Then it can remove the big and small impurities and stones with similar gravity with grains from the raw material. The net grains flow into the mechanical elevator hopper of NFZ-280G peeling and polishing combination machine. Then it is conveyed to NFZ-280G peeling and polishing combination machine by the combination elevator for peeling and polishing. After peeling and polishing, the grain kernels flow into the elevator hopper of YMSF-404 four-size corn grits machine. And then they are conveyed to YMSF-404 four-size corn grits machine by the conveyor for milling. After milling, the corn grits and flour is screened by the cylinder classifying screen and the big, medium and small grits and flour from the screen can be packaged. The exhaust fan aspirates the corn bran into the centrifugal spiral dust remover for corn bran collection.

Technical Parameter

Single Machine Main Technical Index

Corollary Equipment Name and Model







TG19/8D Single Elevator





TQS-50 Cleaning and Destoner Machine Set




NFZ-280G Peeling and Polishing Machine Set




YMSF-404 Four-size Grits Machine




Exhaust Fan




Combination Machine Main Technical Index



Technical Parameter







Power Input(v/HZ)




Total Power(kw)




Total Weight(t)








workshop noises and dust concentration reaches the national standard

End Products

corn kernel, corn coarse grits, corn fine grits, corn coarse flour, bran for feeds                                                                                                                                                                    


After-sale Service

1.Timely provide Party A with all the technical materials and drawings as the contract; compile and supplement operation manual according to the final commissioning results.
2.Party B offers on-site training service according to progress of the project, installing, trying operation and production of the whole line as it is required on the technical materials and drawings.
3.Party B gives training of installation, commissioning, use and maintenance to staff of Party A under their arrangement.
4.Instruct operators and maintenance staff.
5.Increase pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service, implementing super pre-sale, full process and life long service through manufacturing, installation, commissioning and production.
6.During warranty period, Party B will provide an answer or staff within 4 hours once receiving feedbacks about quality of the products. Party B will arrive at the site as soon as possible, change and maintain the spare parts for free. The service will never stop until the clients are satisfied.
7.Beyond warranty period, Party B is on call to provide paid service for improvement of technology, maintenance of the machine or offer of the spare parts.